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Why is Fruit Below Zero such a special ice cream? Aren’t there also other ice creams with fruit in it?
Fruit Below Zero is such a special ice cream because it is made of at least 60% fruit. Most of the other ice creams only contain 15% fruit. Even the most luxurious fruit ice creams and sorbets don’t contain over 25% fruit.
How is it possible that Fruit Below Zero tastes so smooth and creamy while there isn’t any fat in it?
Indeed, Fruit Below Zero doesn’t contain a single gram of fat but it is still smooth and creamy. This can easily be explained by the important amount of fruit in the ice cream. The dietary fibres which exist in fruit by nature bind the water in such a good way which makes the structure of the ice so special and smooth. That is why Fruit Below Zero feels so amazingly soft and even not that cold in your mouth. Thanks to this particularity the fine taste of the ice cream can develop entirely.
Does Fruit Below Zero really only contain 49 kcal?
Yes, it sounds unbelievable but it’s really true. That is because there isn’t any need to add fat to the ice cream. The proverbial packet of butter is equal to 38 Fruit Below Zero ice creams with regard to energy.
Are there some colouring agents added to Fruit Below Zero?
No, there isn’t any need to add colouring agents to Fruit Below Zero. There’s already so much fruit in the ice cream that the existing colour of the fruit largely suffices. In all fairness we have to admit a little secret. We have added supplementary raspberries to the Red Sunset. Not only because they support the strawberry flavour in a delicate way but especially because they give the ice such a beautiful colour. Our icemakers learnt this trick from the big Italian ice cream masters.
Why doesn’t Fruit Below Zero contain additional flavourings?
This question is also quite easy to answer because we always have to repeat the same principle. Fruit Below Zero contains so much fruit we don’t need additional flavourings to disguise a fruit deficiency. The subtle fruit flavour purely comes from the flavourings which exist already by nature in the fruit.
I’m really crazy about Fruit Below Zero. Are there other flavours on the way?
Absolutely. Our ice makers are also very enthusiastic and they are bursting with new ideas to create more delicious flavour combinations with even more fruit.

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